Gemini Full Moon

25 Nov


The Moon is full in the cerebral sign of Gemini.  At this time, we may reach a climax in the way we think, communicate and handle information and data. We may be questioning logical facts vs. higher truths.  Our perception of reality could now reach a turning point.

Mercury is the ruler of this Full Moon

Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius are conjunct and opposite this Full Moon.  At this time, it may be that our minds and thoughts are on serious matters. There may be a tendency to look at things negatively and from a certain perspective, the future could look bleak.    This could involve legal matters, foreign affairs, publishing, promoting, and issues having to do with religion, beliefs and our world view.

This Full Moon tangles with the square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.  Saturn and Neptune reach their first of three exact squares just after this Full Moon.  Here we have a clash between spirit and matter. This is a time when the tangible and intangible or reality and fantasy have a smack down.  This also happens to be in the same degree where Jupiter in Virgo faced off with Neptune in Pisces back on September 17th.  Saturn and Neptune will square off again in June 2016 and September 2016.  This is a big deal as these planets don’t meet this way very often so what’s taking place during these times shapes and defines our future.

On the world stage, recent events have us questioning the ethics and the rights or wrongs of discriminating against those of a particular faith or religion.  (Jupiter in Virgo) Is it right to make legal this sort of discrimination? And if so, where will that lead us? It would seem that everyone is coming from the perspective of their own limited world view and posing a challenge to the notion of the oneness of all of humanity.

With the Full Moon highlighting the dual nature of Gemini, you can look at things from several perspectives as there is always more than one side to a story.  And with Neptune in the mix, all of the information is not there and the facts are not clear.

On the one hand, limiting foreigners and refugees puts us on a path of losing our compassion and giving up on some of our ideals while on the other hand, we must exercise an abundance of caution so we don’t fall victim to these martyr assassins.  With the square between Saturn and Neptune, we could see an increase in government that stimulates the loss of our privacy in the name of security and limiting our freedom.

On another level, we can now have an opportunity to materialize some of our visions and ideals.  We want real meaning in our lives not just abstract illusions.  It may seem that some people are losing faith as reality may look quite different than we’ve imagined and it could feel hopeless. Watch for negative thinking and only looking at what is wrong.  Just because something didn’t turn out exactly as we had envisioned doesn’t mean to give up on the dream completely.  Our wisdom of experience can help negate any confusion or disorientation.  This is a time for grounding solidly what seemed unreal or impossible and for making the intangible tangible; giving it meaning and deepening our experiences.  We could now have access to something that’s been hidden from us and could learn the truth of a reality that’s been obscured until now.

Mars in Libra is also quincunx Neptune in Pisces and there is a fight for peace, equality and compromise and we may have to sacrifice in order to accomplish this. We could be pushing for an agreement or cooperation yet some ideals may be lost in the process, or perhaps there is something overlooked or hidden or missing from an agreement.  It could feel as if you’re moving backwards. Coming to a workable compromise doesn’t mean we have to surrender our compassion, humanity or our boundaries. On another level, we could be doing any kind of physical activity in order to beautify something.  Just remember that every creation starts as a vision and the work must be done in order to bring it about.    We may even have to give it a go more than a few times, making adjustments along the way in order to manifest our vision.


Blessings to All at this Full Moon and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

P.S and a BIG THANKS to all of you for reading and sharing!  It really means so much!


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