Capricorn Full Moon

1 Jul

capricorn pic

This Full Moon in Capricorn can mark a turning point with our goals, ambitions and accomplishments.  We can also examine our attitudes toward respect and recognition. It is a time of year when we are trying to maintain a balance between our home and private life and family and our public life or career.  It is a time when our duties and responsibilities are in the spotlight and a measure of our competence in successfully (or not) completing any tasks or reaching our goals.  At this time we may have someone to answer to or perhaps we are called to account.  We may have more dealings with people in authority like bosses, parents, especially fathers, or your own role as a parent or an authority of some kind and also with the aging or elderly.

There is a tremendous amount of power with this Full Moon.  Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are strongly connected to this Full Moon and facing off with one another.  This Full Moon is also at the Mars-Pluto midpoint further emphasizing the force and power for constructive or destructive purposes.  Use this power wisely! 

There seems to be action on the home front or with property matters that could help eliminate any roadblocks. We may be making moves restructuring our foundations or our roles and making sure they’re secure so that we have a solid basis.  It may also be that we need to restructure our time and schedules, and how we manage things too.  Saturn is the ruler of this Full Moon and currently backtracking in the last degree of Scorpio. There is still some unfinished business that we need to tend to in regard to our shared responsibilities and goals, joint resources, funds or finances.  We may be trying to obtain a mortgage or consolidating debts, settling insurance claims, divorce settlements or lawsuits; filing taxes or handling wills and estates.  Issues involving the conservation of our resources, especially ground water, recycling and renewable resources could be highlighted.  Also situations involving the cycles of life, death, rebirth, reproductive issues or surgeries could become important now.

Emotions could be on high and passions ignited at this Full Moon. There could be family feuds or just a general moody agitation and peevishness that could reach a climax at this time.  Perhaps someone butts into your personal business and crosses your boundaries.  Any anger or resentment rooted in the past could be brought to light and erupt now. Power struggles could ensue and things could get downright explosive!  Speaking of explosive, since this is Independence Day Weekend here in the U.S., you may want to use extra caution when lighting off fireworks.  Just saying. 

This Full Moon is also sextile Neptune in Pisces lending the potential to materialize and give form to some of our dreams and ideals.  At this time, we may at least be laying the foundation for a more far off vision.

Venus and Jupiter meet in a lovely conjunction in Leo at this Full Moon and there could be some pyrotechnics in the love department.  These two planets are known as being the beneficent planets of the Universe. It would appear “lucky” for love or money but there is a “catch”.  One of the only down sides of a combination like this is “too much of a good thing”.  This seems to be the case since both planets aspect Chiron in Pisces.  If we are willing to take a gamble in matters of love and relationships, we may have an opportunity to gain wisdom and learn from some of our past hurts and mistakes.  Or we may find ourselves unconsciously repeating them.  Some truth about a relationship(s) may come to light by “chance”.  This influence can also suggest that over-consumption for luxury or fun needs to give way due to spending and living beyond means.  The financial situation in Greece can reflect this but here in the U.S, we’re just as guilty of it.  This influence may also make us aware of the things that actually matter. We may be reminded of how this over consumption, or over spending and always wanting more really stems from us all wanting to escape the void.  It exists in all of us yet most are only vaguely aware of it and when we catch a glimpse, we quickly Band-Aid it anyway. It is also that thing that links us all together and makes it part of our human condition.  Instead of an increasing desire for more, might we simply try practicing self-love and having faith and being and doing things that are heart centered and in our own truth? That is the key to escaping that void.  Easier said than done.

Blessings to All at this Full Moon

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