Gemini New Moon

16 Jun

gemini pic

This New Moon falls in the curious sign of Gemini.  While we may think of Gemini being the sign of communications, and it is but Gemini also has a changeable nature with a need for variety.  We also should not underestimate the “trickster” nature of Gemini either.  After all, it is the sign of the twins symbolizing its dual nature.  With Gemini energy, we can see both sides of an issue or look at things from more than one perspective, maybe we need to multi-task or perhaps we have many irons in the fire or several projects going on or it may be that we have several options now.

Mars is conjunct this New Moon giving some motivation, stimulation and oomph to our intentions and projects. We may want to get going now.  Especially since Gemini’s ruler Mercury has just finished his retrograde period.  It is still only one tiny degree from where he stationed direct.  We may now start feeling a quicker pace and the comings and goings or information overload.  Information or conversations could be coming and going in a hurry.  There may be a lot of errands to run, phone calls to make, or emails to respond to. There’s a hustle and bustle.  It could be that we feel as though we’re going in circles or that we’re busy but not accomplishing much.  Mercury is in unfavorable aspect to both Saturn and Neptune.  Communications could be difficult or confused.  There could be misinformation, bits of information missing or omitted or even outright deceit or lying. Gossip or hearsay could play a role now.  Neighbors, your neighborhood and community or siblings may be prominent during this time as well. It may be difficult to get your point across.  Maybe no one will listen to you or maybe you’re actually blocked in your efforts to communicate.  You may want to get going in a hurry but may be forced to slow down and wait.  This aspect with Neptune has been lingering since the Full Moon so it may be that an issue that cropped up at that time that was causing confusion or uncertainty still needs settling or clarity.

This New Moon is also square Chiron in Pisces and we may be challenged to learn how we may be blind-sided, shoot ourselves in the foot, or how we are our own worst enemy at times.

Jupiter in Leo is just days away from perfect harmony with Uranus in Aries.  These two planets don’t align in this manner often so this is a special event.  Both are in a favorable aspect to this New Moon lending the potential for chance opportunities to initiate changes.  Keep your antennae up on the days surrounding.   This has a lot to do with increasing our self-confidence and becoming more of our authentic self and vibrating at a new frequency.  While that’s the positive side, we must not push our own arrogant or self-righteous opinions or assumptions into the wider social circle or collective. Everyone has their own path to walk.

Jupiter is also in a quincunx with Chiron in Pisces suggesting that while we may be moving up and improving, that we haven’t totally dissolved our hurts from the past but we may be able to recognize and use them as lessons for our growth.  We may even be able to help another by being able to walk in their shoes or having been there done that.

NOTE:  * Saturn Rx just re-entered Scorpio on June 14th until mid September.  You can read a previous post about Saturn in Scorpio here:


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