New Moon in Taurus

15 May

Taurus New Moon

This New Moon in the early hours of May 18 is in determined sign of Taurus. The polarity of Taurus/Scorpio emphasizes our security needs.  Taurus needing material security and comfort while Scorpio has emotional security needs.  Both signs are also related to finances. Lately we’ve been having the Full Moon before the New Moon so it seems that there are things that we’ll need to uncover, become aware of or finish up before planting our seeds of the New Moon.  What I mean by this is that we have twelve signs in the Zodiac making six polarities. Typically, we have the New Moon in its respective sign and then about two weeks later we’ll have the Full Moon in its opposite sign but this is not the case lately.

Taurus rules over money, values and the material, but it also rules over things such as pleasure, comfort, joy, love, appreciation, affection and gratitude.  It is also about self-love, and self-worth.  It may be time to show your appreciation, love, affection or gratitude or maybe it’s time some came your way.  If you’ve felt unloved or unappreciated, consider how you feel about yourself and try being kinder, gentler and more loving to yourself.  Try also to have an attitude of gratitude for the things that you do have. It could be that some of the insights received at the Scorpio Full Moon made you aware of an imbalance between emotional and material needs. You can now allow yourself feel worthy enough to allow those things into your life that you may have been missing or that you feel are lacking.

Perhaps there were some long standing issues illuminated at the light of the last Scorpio Full Moon. Some of the things that came up may have had to do with letting go, or possibly the revival or resurrection of something considered to be a dead or resolved issue.  Situations involving finances and resources that are jointly owned, or perhaps with insurance, taxes, wills and estates could have come up.  Scorpio also rules over the deeper and darker aspects of life.  Matters of life and death. That is why words like transformation and intensity are always associated with Scorpio, once we have waded in some of the murkier waters of Scorpio, we cannot go back to the way we were before.  We cannot “un-know” something.  Scorpio also has dominion over such things as sex, intimacy and trust, power, control, passion and lust, things that are “taboo” and even divorce as well as psychic and occult matters.  These are just some of the things that may have reached a climax or turned a corner around the time of the Full Moon.

With the lunations being a bit off lately, it seems that we need to shift gears a bit and make adjustments in regard to our material and emotional security because they need to co-exist equally and to compliment and balance one another. We may have concluded that these things have been “off” for a while now and it’s also possible that we’ve even traded one for the other. The time has come to make necessary corrections.  Jupiter formed a T-square with the last Full Moon and some undeniable truths may have cropped up posing a direct challenge to some our security needs.  Whatever it was that came up seems to be BIG.

Venus in Cancer is the ruler of this Taurus New Moon and is in a favorable aspect with Neptune in Pisces.  Both are water signs and harmonize nicely with Earthy Taurus.  This is a good aspect for art, music or any kind of creative activity.  It can also be a very romantic and glamorous aspect but beware of illusions and delusions; all that glitters is not gold so watch that you are not deceived or the one deceiving someone else or even yourself. Venus is also moving into an opposition with powerful Pluto in Capricorn.  Relationships or finances could be in for a bit of an overhaul. These energies again illustrate the pull between material and emotional security; it could be that a love of home, family and domesticity faces off with changing up the status quo or feelings of love and affection facing off with eliminating walls, wanting privacy vs. eliminating blocks and walls, nurturing vs. discipline, home values vs. powerful organizations, home concerns vs. career, as just a few examples.

This New Moon also highlights the energies of the Mars in Gemini – Saturn in Sagittarius opposition that perfected just days before.  These effects could still be lingering.  Conversations and communications could be contentious or angry but we may not be able to do anything about it.  We may want to act on some of our ideas but are prevented from going any further.  It could be that tricky or cunning words are trying to persuade but those words could fall on deaf ears if there is no truth to them.  Maybe there is just a complete lack of communication or you can’t seem to find the right words. There could also be legal obstacles to some kind of agreement. Avoid signing paperwork or agreeing to anything if it is possible.

Mercury is also stationing retrograde in his own sign of Gemini at the time of this New Moon.  You can expect delays and mix-ups with communications and routine travel.  It may even be that you have to cover old ground, repeat or re-do something.  Plans may need to be scrapped or revised.  Forward movement may be difficult if not impossible during this time.  There could also be more involvement and comings and goings with your neighbors, neighborhood or siblings.

The New Moon is also quincunx Pallas in Sagittarius, suggesting that while we may be able to see the big picture, we are in the process of problem solving and we may need to make some corrections and adjustments to our long term plans and things that we’ve been building for a long time now.

It appears that at this time, we will need to go over things, repeat, correct and adjust. With the New Moon in the tenacious sign of Taurus, we’ll at least have the energy to keep at it until we get it right.


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