Gemini Full Moon

6 Dec

This Full Moon at 14’17” Gemini is the last Full Moon of 2014.  Mercury the messenger is the ruler of this Full Moon and is in Sagittarius and in opposition to the Moon at this time.  We may feel pulled between our thoughts and feelings or our logic vs. instinct now.  Communications and conversations now reach a culmination or turning point especially where our plans for the future are concerned but there seems to be growth and improvement. This could involve any talks, contracts, paperwork, facts, details and some of the finer points of a particular matter we’ve been dealing with.  We could be making big plans while being mindful not to overlook any of the steps or details. It could also be at this time that you have an honest conversation that puts things into perspective.  Chiron in Pisces is also square both the Sun and Moon at this Full Moon so what is said or what you hear could cause some tears or hurt feelings possibly due to someone communicating their “truth” or the “facts” while being blunt or insensitive.  Thoughts based on prejudice, assumptions or opinions can face off with the facts but it could also open the door to an honest discussion where hurt feelings lead to a deeper understanding and healing. Chiron was also a teacher and a mentor, and both Gemini and Sagittarius are linked with learning and education so perhaps the wounding we may experience now serves as a much larger lesson.

It is also possible that you get some good news on the days surrounding this Full Moon perhaps in the form of a written offer or some kind of promotion that acts as a stepping stone bringing you closer to a dream of yours.  Writing and publishing could also be highlighted now.

This Full Moon also comes in contact with the Uranus and Pluto square which is set to be exact in just a few more days.  Here we have the potential to initiate changes, to work within a group or to take actions based on common goals and interests and to make the necessary adjustments and modifications required into the structures that we’ve built into our lives, our shared commitments, our time schedules and our evolving roles.

On December 15, just after midnight EST, is the sixth of seven exact squares between these two very powerful planets taking place 2012-2015.  These planets act as catalysts and agents of tremendous change and upheaval.  Nothing is the same in the area of our lives that these planets are visiting and none of us are exempt from their powerful influence.  Some of the changes may be experienced as negative especially since humans are creatures of habit. It’s not a negative experience for everyone it’s just that the changes taking place lately can seem extremely unsettling, surprising, irrevocable and/or permanent.  Those with planets or angles in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn have likely experienced these changes at a very personal level. If we stop and take a look around, we may see our lives and ourselves differently than we did just a few years ago.  We may also be able to see the changes in those around us and in the world around us.


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