Libra Lunar Eclipse

14 Apr

April 15 Lunar Eclipse

April has been set up in the heavens to be a month of an enormous amount of change; with two Eclipses and a Cardinal Grand Cross.  It was apparent at the very beginning of the month that many people were already feeling the tension.  This doesn’t have to be all bad mind you; even changes that you want and need to make can be stressful.   It seems though, that the landscape may look dramatically different once May arrives. 

It appears that the theme of finding balance, peace, cooperation or an agreement continues at the time of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  In fact, it seems that since the end of last year that there’s been an emphasis on relationships. December of last year right into the New Year did we have Venus retrograde in Capricorn asking us what is important to us in a relationship and what things do we need to feel secure.  Also, we’ve had Mars, the planet of aggression in peace loving Libra since late last year where he’ll remain until late July.  Mars’ job here is to push for an agreement, fight for fairness, equality or cooperation. If in relationships, we normally keep a lid on things for the sake of peace, then that has been extremely difficult as of late.  On the other hand, if it happens that you are the one always imposing your will and wants then someone may have a problem with it and let you know.  These types of issues may reach a critical culmination during this time.    

Ceres is exactly conjunct this Lunar Eclipse so it may be that there are issues with the work force or labor unions coming to a head at this time.  In the news, we’ve seen the topic of ‘equal pay’ for women coming up.  Ceres also governs over the land, agriculture, nutrition and ‘Mother Earth’ so there could also be issues coming up regarding these subjects as well. Juno is also prominent at this Eclipse and again highlighting the issues of relationships.  Juno also governs over weather, climate and the environment. It would seem that at this time there is also an emphasis on our relationship to the Earth.  We need to become aware that our actions do in fact affect others and that we all need to make a commitment to work together and make radical changes.  The U.N has recently stated that climate change is indeed a fact and that there will be no one on the planet unaffected by these changes.  The Earth is part of our heritage and it is our responsibility to learn to live in harmony with it.  Child rearing and other ‘women’s’ issues also fall under the domain of Ceres.  It may be that you need to create a balance between work and raising children as so many do.  Perhaps you’ll need to strike a balance between you and your partner in regard to child rearing and responsibilities.  Or maybe you are in a labor union and talks trying to come up with an agreement in the workplace.   It seems we need to strike a balance between nurturing ourselves and others. 

At the time of this Eclipse Mercury moves to conjunct Uranus in the degree where all the action is taking place later in the month for the Cardinal Grand Cross.  It may be at this time we hear some surprising news, or possibly have an unexpected argument.  Thoughts and conversations tend to come quickly or maybe they’re erratic and scattered.  It could be that you hear from someone out of the blue or have a conversation that is unusual.  It may also be that there needs to be an honest conversation about how you feel and it is possible to break down some walls that stand between you and another.  This could be liberating but probably not without some ruffled feathers or hurt feelings first.  If you are traveling, please use caution and pay attention. 


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