Full Moon in Virgo March 16

15 Mar

March 16 – Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Virgo brings a culmination or a turning point to a work project. We may be wrapping up the details and loose ends of a project. This is the time for getting clean and organized, a time for clearing the clutter and for making order from chaos.  We can get a lot of work done if we can just take it step by step, staying practical, focused and knowing what is actually possible at this time vs. knowing all that needs doing. You must know going in that it’s going to take some work before anything is pretty, perfect or running smoothly. This Full Moon may also mark a turning point in a health matter.  You may be on the mend after a hospital stay or diagnosis and hopefully on the way to better health.  This is a good time to get rid of any negative health and eating habits; to cleanse and purify.  It is also possible that an issue with a co-worker or employee comes to light at this time. 

The Moon also makes a quincunx to Mercury in Aquarius, and making plans may be difficult since our minds could be changing rapidly or there could be new information coming in requiring us to modify and make adjustments to any details, discussions or paperwork.  There may also be unusual conversations and talks that may seem to come out of nowhere.  This could include talks with people or groups that you don’t normally have to deal with and possibly resulting in needing to make adjustments within the workplace. It could also be that information received requires an adjustment to your daily routine or schedule. You may also have to use your powers of discrimination in order to weed out what is actually going on and being said and possibly have to come up with solutions that are good for everyone. 

The Nodal Axis involved at the time of this Full Moon suggests that we’ll need to be able to be accommodating and reworking our ideas of what “I” want vs. needing to cooperate with others and we could be feeling the tension.  Our actions now are closely linked to our future path with Mars so close to the North Node and with Vesta also so close, we’ll need total dedication and commitment so it’s important to weigh options and come to cooperative agreements that work for everyone involved. 

Mars and Saturn are both still Rx so this vibe of “hurry up and wait” and of quibbling and “going back and forth” permeates the atmosphere.  It may feel as though you are just ‘spinning your wheels’ wanting to get going but are hit with delays and inconveniences.  There could be a situation that seems as if it’s “not fair” or maybe you’re working hard toward an agreement or cooperation.  It may involve finances, loans, estates, insurance, taxes, and shared responsibilities.  Things aren’t likely to get going and move forward for some time so if you can make slow progress it’s better than no progress at all.  Be patient. 

Saturn is in favorable placement to this Full Moon enabling us to eliminate any obstacles, walls and roadblocks that have stood in our way or held us back.  We will be able to transform and rebuild upon a more stable foundation.  This influence helps to manifest and give form to any imaginings we may have. Just know that it’s going to take some time, patience and hard work. 

Next Month, in April, will be very ‘active’ astrologically with two eclipses and a Cardinal Grand Cross so just ‘sit tight’, get what you can get done now but don’t be in a hurry to make any permanent commitments and decisions. That could get you in a bind as all is not revealed just yet.  


2 Responses to “Full Moon in Virgo March 16”

  1. g2-c58ceb315ebb776e3b91ebbff03e6487 March 15, 2014 at 2:14 pm #

    The stars are speaking to me personally this full moon. Thanks Christina for your message and interpretation.

  2. Lori March 21, 2014 at 7:13 pm #

    Great read!
    I’d love to hear more about the grand cross!

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