Venus enters Capricorn

5 Nov

Venus entered Capricorn at 3:43 am EST this morning where she’ll remain for an extended stay until March 6.  At this time we may have to be content to get along with less.  We need to be realistic about money and financial matters.  Money seems to come in slower or we are working harder for it and spending it conservatively and cautiously. This is also going to set the tone for the holiday shopping season.  It may also be that we’re slowly building up something of value and putting our time into something worthwhile.  Relationships at this time take on a more serious or mature tone. If you enter a new relationship at this time it may have some staying power though it may not be overly demonstrative or romantic but one you can count on.  No rose colored glasses here.  This will be a relationship rooted in the real world. It may be with an older or more mature person or even a person in authority such as a boss or superior.  It could also be that you become aware of the responsibility you have toward a loved one.  If it’s not a personal relationship, then possibly a favorable business relationship or you may have to agree to some sort of commitment. 


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