A Scorpio Eclipse and a Saturn Showdown

27 Apr

The Full Moon Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on April 25th with Saturn close to the Moon made the mood serious when it comes to security issues and issues with trust and sharing.  It also followed the Venus/Saturn confrontation just days before where we may have felt a lack of self worth or feeling limited with the things we want vs. the resources available.  Or we could be made aware of where we may make lazy compromises for the sake of comfort and security. Mars is conjunct Sun at this eclipse, directing our will towards comfort, security, and the good things in life while Saturn on the opposite end says “not so fast”.  In fact, Mars and the Sun will go head to head with the task master Saturn in the days to come. The Sun on the on the 28th and Mars on the 30th.  This is a time where things are serious, somber, ‘life and death’. You may feel that you have to work really hard to make any progress at all.  It may also feel that efforts are blocked, everything you want to do takes at least twice as long with delays met with frustration and impatience.  Take a breath, count to ten, allow more time. Also pick your battles.  No point in getting into power struggles especially with authority figures.   Mars and Saturn are coming to a turning point in a conversation that they started back in August.  You can assess anything that was started then to see if it was worth the effort, if you should continue, or scrap it all together.  You must determine what can stand the test of time. The eclipse is setting off this energy and it may be very emotional or intense.  There is something compelling about this energy despite the blocks that seem to be in our way.   There is a rapid change that we’ve experienced lately; especially so since the last Scorpio eclipse back in November.  This rapid change will continue and the Eclipses will make sure of it.  Eclipses accelerate growth and we have three of them in the coming weeks as well as the third of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto sandwiched in between.  Beginnings and endings abound during this time.  Though it is a lunar eclipse, which usually has to do with endings or culmination of some sort, this eclipse is a North Node eclipse which gives much insight into our path for the future.  This eclipse tells us to embrace our transformation and let go of fears and limitations. Luckily, this eclipse makes many favorable aspects and makes a formation called a “kite”- an indication of much energy and potential.  Neptune is in the mix and enabling a dissolving of old ways, fears, blocks and inhibitions but also manifesting something that seemed intangible as if you plucked it right out of the ether like ripe fruit from a tree.  It may even be possible to dissolve boundaries of time and space.  Since the Asteroid Goddess Ceres in Cancer is in the mix here too, this can also be about leaving behind some of these limitations having to do with tradition or family ties and a feeling of belonging. We may have to dig deep to get to the core of things; possibly to a time long past, as far back as you can remember and before.  Ceres also functions as the nurturing principal and can be on a very literal level of nutrition and what we actually take and ingest into our bodies and how we nurture ourselves.  This can also be about self love; nourishing the body and soul.  This energy can be a time for letting go of old resentments, bitterness or by-products; as well as a good time for cleansing. Ceres can also highlight ‘female’ issues as well as issues on parenting, child rearing and child care.


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