Pluto Rx & Saturn/Uranus attitude adjustment

12 Apr

Pluto goes retrograde today until September 20.  Pluto is a slow moving planet and is often referred to as a ‘generational planet’ meaning that the changes that are forced by Pluto take time and are reflected through society as a whole.  Each generation has its own set of challenges and also leaves its mark upon society.  With Pluto in retrograde motion, it’s power turns inward and asks what choices and actions we will contribute to the collective and if those choices will be destroying or helping to rebuild.  Pluto is currently transiting the sign of Capricorn indicating that the changes and reform taking place are with government and authority, and the social structures built into our society as well as what is expected and what is socially acceptable.  Saturn is transiting Scorpio further re-enforcing and reiterating that theme. Today Saturn makes the exact quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries.  This indicates that there is an adjustment or a modification which must be made blending the old with the new.  These things take time and don’t happen overnight. The Universe provides us with this opportunity to make these adjustments and play ‘catch up’ with our continued evolution. Where there has been turmoil and upheaval that brought about change or is bringing about changes, we must now make the adjustments to integrate these changes into our lives. Pluto and Saturn have been cooperating with one another helping us along. They will continue to do so for a while longer so that’s good news.  Pluto is the reformer, the recycler, turning trash to treasure, taking the old and making something new from it.  Saturn is the form, the structure, the authority, the rules.  We see this type of reform and renewal permeating throughout every thread of the tapestry of our existence. Spiritually, mental, socially, politically, collectively, physically, etc. Look around and see the actual physical structures around us, roads and bridges everywhere are under construction, water main breaks seem to be a regular occurrence, our power grids can’t keep up with our usage, laws and rules and guidelines are all up for question, as we see some of these old ways are just that, old and antiquated and no longer fit into our modern world.  We may even have had major changes forced upon us on a personal level as well.  There is decay everywhere but where there is decay, there is fertile soil from which to grow upon.  Saturn is also about responsibility and we need to take some.  On all levels.  We would not need to have all of these rigid rules and guidelines if we took some responsibility and owned our own authority.  Saturn also has to do with conservation- and in our society built around consumerism, consumption and acquisition, I’m sure that’s another lesson to be learned during this time. Uranus, The Awakener is also in the mix here as he battles with Pluto into 2015.  This is all in the background shaping our world and our environment and our existence.  Keep that in mind because I’ll be mentioning it from time to time.  The changes at times seem sudden and unexpected, revolutionary or very progressive and on a personal level it may feel like you are walking on shaky ground.  In fact, for some that has been quite literal with stories of all of the sinkholes and landslides recently.  On another level it may feel quite liberating to some.  To bring it down to a personal level in another way, we can think about the role we might play while adjusting to this shift.  We can again look around and see how these changes are taking place little by little and to see what we may be able to offer as well.  For example, the town (local gov’t = Saturn) I live in recently started picking up the recycling (Pluto) (at the Pisces New Moon as a matter of fact).   It was like a dream (Pisces) to me because they only picked up paper before and the rest you would have to collect and drive to the drop off. I started to notice that the drop off was overflowing and becoming a mess as more and more people started participating.  It was on a voluntary basis before and now has become a ‘rule’.  That is just one very minor example.

Tomorrow night Mercury will end his watery voyage in Pisces (he’s been there since February 5th) and enter Aries, where our thinking or conversations could be more straightforward and direct, possibly even taking on an angry or aggressive tone.  This may be a relief if things were ‘up in the air’ or unclear.  At least you know where you stand in case you have an argument or receive verbal or written threats.


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