Aside 10 Apr

Aries New Moon

A New Moon is the start of a new cycle and new beginnings.  The sign Aries itself is about initiating new beginnings as it is the first sign of the Zodiac. This New Moon comes on the heels of the Mars/ Venus conjunction in Aries.  This also marked a new cycle and it may be that we are more able than ever to take actions that are more self-directed; we are more willing to go after what we want.  This New Moon, Mars and Venus are also sextile Lilith conjunct Vesta in Gemini and could indicate talks of conflict resolution. It could be that there are new creative projects or a new commitment to value yourself; while vowing to remain vigilant about health, nutrition and our disciplined daily routines.  It could also be a new beginning within a relationship or a new relationship.  This is in the ‘me first’ sign of Aries though, so in order to come together, the individual wants of the self(s) must first be recognized.  There is focus and commitment to resolve any conflicts in relationships such as fears of intimacy or commitment, sexual frustration, fears, guilt or inadequacies and complexes. Maybe even a vow renewal.  The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a pugilist entering the ring”, and it appears that we are willing to fight for something that we hold sacred.  


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