Full Moon in Libra

27 Mar

On this Full Moon in Libra we may be trying to find a balance or possibly wondering where is the justice? But looking across the sky, we have the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus all in the opposite sign, Aries.  Venus, the planet of beauty, love and harmony is also the ruler of Libra.  She makes her presence known at this Full Moon. Relationships and Money get the spotlight and an agreement may be hard to come by.  She is in the opposite and ‘me first’ sign of Aries.  She’s not likely to give in so easily for the sake of peace as everyone wants what they want.  We may have to learn the art of creating a ‘win-win’ situation since no one is willing to back down and negotiations could be aggressive.  This Full Moon also aggravates the tense relationship between revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto. Uranus is also in a very tight opposition to the Moon (conjunct the Sun) so there could be upsets or surprises. This suggests an ‘awakening’ in a sense.    Mars the Motivator just crossed that degree the other day on the 22nd   possibly leading the way or dropping clues of the events to come. The quincunx between Jupiter and Saturn indicates that we may have to make many adjustments, shifts and compromises before any agreement is made.  Mercury though direct, is still in Pisces so all is still not clear.  There are still some blanks that need to be filled in.  Facts and logic may be missing and there may only be vague perceptions or you may have only intuition to go on.  The routes are unclear but sometimes you just have to believe.   With Jupiter still in Gemini, we are learning to listen to our higher wisdom and our higher self.  We are learning our own Truth and it’s daring us to eliminate barriers and walls; we realize that this is the key (Chiron) to release us from self-imposed limitations (Pisces).  The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “a woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks”.   This symbolism has much to do with **‘knowledge of unseen forces and laws’ ** We are being asked to recognize our own power and slowly make changes; make changes that will last and stand the test of time. To build new structures and foundations that will not crumble under pressure. It is also time to take responsibility about the legacy we will leave. On all levels.  In order to do this we may have to make continual changes and adjustments before we get it right.  Think of the Temperance card in the Tarot and at this Libra Full Moon, you can follow it up with the Justice card in Tarot.  We must continually make adjustments in order to balance.   We must build up structures and a reality that we can live with that doesn’t work against us and throw us out of balance so that we’re constantly distracted while seeking wholeness. 

**The Zodiac by Degrees 360 New Symbols by Martin Goldsmith”***


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