Moving forward with Mars

25 Mar

MARCH 25-26

This is going to be another eventful week as Mars in Aries is still conjunct Uranus and closing in on a square with Pluto in Capricorn.  Mars is also quincunx Saturn and sextile Jupiter.  We’ll also have the Full Moon on Wednesday. 

This can have us moving forward with new ideas and future plans while altering or modifying any fears or resistance to change.  This could include legal documents or a lot of paperwork or having to do with shared responsibilities or financial obligations.  We may have long conversations about how we may make modifications to limit debts and financial obligations. Or it could involve insurance claims, inheritance, law suites or taxes and things like that.

 It could also be that an honest discussion enables us to eliminate barriers and walls bringing about a shift and enabling real sharing, intimacy and possibly a renewed commitment. 

On another level, it could be that our expanded perceptions are causing us to begin to awaken and we are working at becoming acclimated to some of these new ideas while reforming goals, objectives or some of the foundations we’ve built our lives upon.  The things that we may have thought of as solid real or constant may not be so. We are starting to realize some of the ‘rules’ are changing and that it’s time to break through the consolidation of power. 


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