Revving Up the Ram Energies

22 Mar

The Dream is over……but it’s just the beginning…..

We’ve been in LaLa land the last few weeks dreaming, scheming and reflecting… so we now have a shift in the energies. Things may get moving and the pace will pick up. 

The Sun enters Aries March 20 which begins a new Astrological Cycle.  It marks the Vernal or Spring Equinox.  There is newness and a willingness to get something started.  Birth.  The energies are more assertive and willful and outwardly directed. Mars has been in his own sign, Aries since March 12, revving up and ready to get going but was stalled or delayed due to the backwards motion of Mercury the Messenger and a sleepy sky full of planets in Dreamy Pisces.   Mercury went direct March 17.  Plans, discussions and contracts can get the green light now.  Venus also moves into Aries tomorrow, the 21st.  The planet of love and beauty gets a little more fired up and aggressive. Our values are more self-directed and the spirit of compromise might go out the window.  We want what we want when we want it and we’re more than willing to go out and get it. 

The next day, March 22, Mars conjuncts Uranus and will be moving into a square with Pluto for the next several days.  Uranus and Pluto are already in a tense relationship with each other until 2015. Mars makes it even more combustible; igniting the tension.   This would be especially strong from the 21st thru 27th.  It could be that boundaries and obstacles challenge you to come up with revolutionary and bold actions. Maybe it is that attempts to assert your unique individuality are met with resistance and power struggles.  They may have even been self-imposed struggles.  Efforts are directed toward a breakthrough and puncturing of what has become too dull or rigid and demolishing those walls.  We could also see this as a challenge to the “system” or the “powers that be” by some sort of group or faction.  This is a tense and volatile energy and could even indicate violence, rebellion and uprising so use caution. Watch using machines and power tools or also with electricity or with anything sharp.  Head trauma and strokes could also be indicated.  When driving, don’t be in too much of a hurry or there may be a need to make sudden, fast moves. 

Collectively, there is a struggle to break free of the powerful restrictions.  We are beginning to initiate the remaking of reality at its core.  Pallas, defender of Justice and also ruling over political activism is in a critical degree in Aries on March 22. Pallas is strong, warrior like and militant in Aries.   Fighting for a cause?  Pallas is also about our mental strategy and the bigger picture.  The Sabian Symbol is “Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained”.  We’ve just had so much energy in the imaginative sign of Pisces, and now the energy shift is to the action oriented sign of Aries. This is the current and upcoming focus.  So can we now begin to create the reality that we’ve been envisioning????? Is this our next chance? The New Earth? Pallas also has to do with “fear of success” so the weather is favorable for going beyond those self imposed limits and initiating changes. 


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